Samuel Ajibola known as 'Spiff' in "The Johnsons Series" quits his role

Samuel Ajibola Nollywood Actor, popularly known for his role as "Spiff" in the popular comedy series, "The Johnsons" quit his role in the TVsitcom.

The Johnsons produced by Rogers Ofime, a daily series aired on African Magic and set in Lagos, portrays an African Average family. Ajibola who played "Spiff" role began as a child actor in Nollywood. The role protrayed him as the adopted son of  Lucky Johnson, who seem mentally impaired.

Ajibola, announced officially via Twitter, his decision to quit the role of "Spiff" in "The Johnsons".

Ajibola, stated he appreciated everyone for their support and couldn't ask for anything more but it was time to move on.


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