Secessionist of Oduduwa Republic reclaim Idi-iroko border


The Idi-iroko border was invaded by fighters of the Oduduwa Republic in Ogun state on Saturday and reopened all gates including the closed borders.

Prior to this incident, the Federal Government closed the borders between Nigerian and the Republic of Benin, Idi-iroko was a border town between Nigeria and Benin Republic. The borders were closed by the FG and all important importations were to be done through the seaports.

The Oduduwa freedom fighters led by Youruba activist, Sunday Igbohor declared that they have reopened the Idi-iroko border in a video that eventually went viral on social media.

 Biafra Freedom Fighter hailed the secessionist and claimed they were indeed the true owners of the land.

 Sunday Kanu wrote on his Twitter handle; The tweet reads, "The real owners of the land, the indigenous owners of 'Nigeria' are beginning to reclaim and possess their land from Fulanis and their hoodlums.

 "Congratulations to the Oduduwa Republic for the successful retake of the Idi-iroko border from Fulanis terrorists."

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