Sri Lanka gets Sputnik V vaccine


Sri Lanka has gotten its first cluster of the Russia's Sputnik V immunization. 

The 15,000 portions were flown in early long stretches of Tuesday to the Indian sea island country which is attempting to get COVID-19 antibodies due to the deferral in getting them from the adjoining India. 

Sri Lanka has requested 13 million dosages of the Sputnik V immunization from the Russia's Gamaleya Institute. 

State Minister of Pharmaceutical Production, Supply and Regulation Channa Jayasuma, and authorities from the Russian consulate were available at the country's fundamental air terminal to get the immunizations. 

Jayasumana said he was confident that Sri Lanka would get the absolute of 13 million portions of the Sputnik V from Russia later on. 

Sri Lanka is confronting a lack of 600,000 dosages of the Oxford-AstraZeneca immunization to finish the second round of the antibody program. 

Under the first cycle, 925,242 people were

inoculated and as of now, Sri Lankan wellbeing service has around 350,000 portions and subsequently, there is a deficiency of 600,000 dosages as the island country so far didn't get it's antibodies requested from India. 

The quantity of COVID patients is quickly ascending the nation over in the course of the most recent week. Sri Lanka's complete number of positive cases have reached 111,753 with 696 fatalities.

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