The Government is only exercising caution over kidnappers - Lai Mohammed


Minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed stated that the Government knows the location of kidnappers and the rumour circulating that the government is clueless and don't know how to tackle  security's challenges in Nigerian is false and uncalled for. He made this statement at a briefing in Lagos.

He said, "it is no longer news that the nation is currently facing security challenges. It is rumoured and comments have been made that the Federal Government are clueless and lack any solutions to tackle the security challenges in Nigeria.

"However, he's here to say that the government acknowledges the fact that the security system has crumbled in recent times but the government is working towards the confrontation of these challenges to restore peace, law and order in the country. It will become obvious in days ahead, as the Government knows the location of the kidnappers but security agencies are being careful to avoid civilians casualities.

"It is one of the most difficult things to do, for a democratic elected government. For instance, the man power of the military is superior to those of Boko Haram terrorist groups but they are often found to operate in villages and towns. Hence, to avoid collateral damages the military remains careful.

"The same applies to kidnappers that abducted our children. Though they have known their location, they are been careful in order not to harm the same children they are trying to rescue. Irrespective of any of this issues incited, the military have all the necessary reinforcement to tackle the challenges."

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