UN, EU and others are called upon by the Igbos to intervene in security breakdown in South-Eastern Nigeria

United Nations, European Union, and other International Organization were called upon by the Igbos in the guise of Ekunie intiatives to step into the case of consistent war between the Nigerian Security Operatives and South Eastern citizens. It has been reported that the Southeast region have not been at peace due to clashes between security agencies and the Igbos especially the Indigenous people of Biafra.

On Wednesday, a report of the statement made by IEI president, Chief Chigbo Uzokwelu was issued. The statement written said, "The international Organization are urged to visit the region in a bid to confirm the state of insecurity in the area.

"IEI, seeks to draw the attention of international community to the challenging situations in SouthEast caused by the activities of Nigerian Security Agencies, they are hell bent to disrupt the security system in south east region as they have taken steps to embark on their decision. The actions taken by Security Agencies has brought Southeast region to state of hopelessness and despair. The Southeast region was one of the most peaceful region before President Muhammadu Buhari step into office.

"With grave concern, we have noted the total lack of the Federal Government Agencies to provide security in the Southeast region. Meanwhile, the so-called security agencies that are to ensure peace and order, rather unleash mayhem on the Igbo people of the South-East in Nigeria which include the killing of unarmed civilians, injuring and killing of college students, ethnic cleansing, community dislocation and societal upheavals", the statement reads.

The group also disclosed that the Federal Government had been accused by several human right organization of having a hand in the security breakdown, killings and violence in Igboland. They complain that the current administration had stepped into power with promises of positive change through democratic means, have proven otherwise. The current administration can be likened to be under military rule, it's evidential by the large scope of extrajudicial executions, detentions, violation of human rights unleash on peaceful citizens in the country especially in the South-East region.

The Federal Government have been called upon to take charge of the security situation in South-East region, to fulfill it's consitutional responsibility of protecting lives and properties. IEI also condemned the activities of the unknown gunmen terrorising the attempt for a new security formations to be structured and the destruction of government properties in South-East.

In the statement issued the unknown gunmen are warned to stop the killing of security Operatives that have caused unrest in lgboland extending into the South-South region.

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