UNICEF joins Nigerians to celebrate children's day


United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, UNICEF, celebrated the children today. They have joined Nigerians in the celebration of Children's day. 

In a statement on Thursday, Peter Hawkins UNICEF'S Country Director stated Nigerian children are resilient, wonderful and aspire to do great things.

"Moreover, one of the primary responsibility of the Government is to provide platforms needed for the development and growth of every child. UNICEF said in a statement, "they acknowledged the efforts of Nigerian government to subdue the effects of coronavirus pandemic on children and provide education, health services and security for the children.

"The Nigerian Children are celebrated but let us not forget that COVID-19 crisis has also been a major child rights crisis both home and abroad. The pandemic have disrupt the structure of the economy, hindered essential service that should have secured the education and health of our young ones. "The rate of poverty and inequality in the country has increase and the adverse effects are more on women and children, the longer the pandemic last, the greater the risk of exposure to those effects.

"On Children's day, we are to enforce all protection mechanism on our children. Nigerian Children are known for their resilence and their aspirations to dream big, hence it's noteworthy to say Children learning doesn't end in school. Every child is educated in and out of school. The Government are called to act in the best interests of our children and facilitate innovative solutions that will fast-track learning and health services to give the best for every child", the statement said.

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