United States thinking about moving HIV/AIDS drugs in Kenya to another country


The United States is thinking about moving HIV/Aids drugs stuck in a Kenyan port to different nations that need them, its consulate in Kenya says. 

The  retroviral drugs showed up in January and have been at the Mombasa port because of a progressing impasse on expense and allows. 

The consulate says considering the expiry date, it very well might be simpler to move the medications to another country for use. 

The Kenyan government deferred the expenses yet an income authority official is cited by the Daily Nation paper as saying that a few holders are as yet anticipating a license from the medications office. 

An authority from the medications organization says another grant should be applied for as the past one has Kenya's clinical supplies office as the beneficiary .

The benefactor, USAid, had given a privately owned business the job of conveying the medications while the public authority needed its clinical supplies office to be in control. 

More than 1.5 million individuals living with HIV need the medications and proportioning has been occurring in wellbeing places to extend the accessible medication supplies.

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