World's oldest woman not to partake in the torch event for Tokyo Olympics


The world's most oldest woman, a 118-year-old Japanese woman, has chosen not to partake in the torch event for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics over pandemic feelings of dread, an authority at her nursing home said on Wednesday. 

Kane Tanaka, who was granted a Guinness World Record, was scheduled to be one of the transfer members in Fukuoka in southern Japan, which will begin on May 11, said the authority. 

"We got an email from her family which said she needed to pull out from the transfer as she and her family were worried about spreading the infection at the nursing home," the authority said at the home. 

The Olympic light transfer, which started off in March, has been hit by a Covid episode. Six individuals who assisted with the light transfer were determined to have COVID-19, the Tokyo 2020 coordinators said Sunday, bringing the absolute number of cases associated with the occasion to eight. 

A few superstars who were because of partake have removed from the hand-off because of wellbeing reasons in the midst of the pandemic. 

Japan a month ago proclaimed a COVID-19 highly sensitive situation for the significant populace communities including Tokyo and Osaka to control the resurgence of contaminations. 

The public authority is thinking about an augmentation of the actions, the Yomiuri Newspaper gave an account of Wednesday.

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