2face Idibia: Why I choose to marry Annie


Award-winning musician, 2face Idibia and father of 5 kids, had three children from two ex-relationships and two children from his wife. He elaborates on why he chose to marry Annie above his other 2 baby mama, who had given him 3 children in all.

He stated, "Annie came from a similar background with him as they both started their career with limited resources. She was with him through thick and thin.

"But his exes came from a rich home while Annie was with him through the times of humble beginnings, when there was no car, she hopped on bike with him even to the point of trekking with him. When there was no car, hit songs, award, big cash flow.

"When I wasn't fine, she would hold my head up high and say am her prince charming. When I had no fans, she was my no 1 fan and she still is today.

"Even when I became known for my music and I had started misbehaving with so many controversies arising, that almost destroyed my career, she would go on her knees and pray to God to show me the way.

"I didn't choose who had more to offer me, I chose Annie because she gave me her all."

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