Babagana Zulum claims Boko Haram recruits fighters to serve as spies


Boko Haram was reported to have hired people and pay them a wages of N5000, to spy on communities and smuggle weapons into their domain. This had been stated by Governor of Borno state, Babagana Zulum who claimed the report was true.

The report given was confirmed by Zulum during a state broadcast held on Saturday during a festive celebration to commemorate Democracy day and Zulum's second anniversary in office.

Northern and some parts of the Central Senatorial zones have been challenged with the risks of International Displaced Persons been used as spies by the exploitation of their vulnerability.

Zulum stated from past records, they had experienced various instances whereby insurgents offered IDPS foods and cash incentives.

Presently, Borno state has deployed thousand of volunteers to assist the military to fight against Boko Haram. They have been provided on a monthly basis with kits and vehicles to complement the services they rendered.

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