Banky W reacts to the suspension of Twitter


Olubankole Wellington, Nigerian singer popularly known as Banky W declared the Federal Government as insensible to ban Twitter's operations.

In several of his tweets, he would say Nigerian Government can't stop kidnapping, terrorism and other vices that challenged the country but they have the nerve to ban Twitter.

Banky W urged Nigerians to refuse to vote for any politicians older than 65 into power in 2023 elections.

He further stated they ban cryptocurrency, seize passports, block accounts of peaceful protesters and now Twitter, which is completely out of plight with the younger people.

He emphasized that regardless of the party any politicians above 65 shall be eliminated from the elections and he has groups in store to carry out that process. Anyone above 65 had the chance to fix the mess but they should allow younger generation come in.

Finally, Nigerian Government isn't a retirement home.

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