Ben Ayade switched from PDP to APC


Governor of Cross River, Ben Ayade recently changed his political party from PDP to APC. He claimed it was due to the relationship he had with President Buhari.

The comments were made after the Governor visited Presidential villa on Thursday and this was his first time to be there after the change of Political party.

Ayade had been questioned on his decisions from state house, counterparts and correspondents after the meeting with the the President.

According to him, "I left PDP for the sake of Buhari. The President's virtues attracted him to APC. He has built a personal relationship with Buhari and had observed him as a man of Integrity and commitment, towards the growth of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

"To that extent I have a leader I can trust".

However, there was a news released titled; Biafra:How Gov Wike forced Ayade out of PDP-BNL

Ayade simply stated such news was only to paint a negative picture of the former party like something bad had happened.

He said, "I am one of those Governors who have risen above party lines and ethnic lines due to my education and exposure."

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