Bishop David Oyedepo reveals how a cobra in his office left him unhurt


President of Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo disclosed how a cobra was found in his room but didn't harm him.

Bishop Oyedepo in narrating said, "I was in the third floor of my building, studying in my office for seven hours from late in the night into the morning, and a cobra was also in the room. However, it was discovered in my wardrobe the next day when the room was to be cleaned and i discovered the cobra didn't hurt me despite staying in the vicinity for a long period of time." 

He described such miracle could only happen because he loves God, God knows it and the devil knows, but God will continually protect and increase his blessings in my life because i have proven beyond reasonable doubt i love him.

Furthermore, he added that we may have read all the books he has written, unless we know his heartbeat for God, we don't know his secret.

Hence, to be a lover of God guarantees a protection seal around our life that will terminate every attempt made on your life. There's no wages that can compare to the wealth God gives. For God's hand to bear mark in your finances we need to obey everything God commands us to do.

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