Constitution amendment is not the solution to challenges in the country - Hamza Al-Mustapha


Hamza Al-Mustapha, Chief security officer to the late military ruler Sani Abacha, stated people of Affluence and nobility are killing the country.

He disclosed the current amendment of the 1999 Constitution wouldn't resolve the challenges in the country because the masses aren't carried along through the process.

He related with the News Agency of Nigeria regarding the fact that citizens were not carried along through the process.

He told them, "Constitutional development should have a time frame and needs the involvement of everyone not just based on the opinions of few elites."

He lamented that certain rural communities aren't aware of the breakdown in goods supplies and raw food materials.

"The majority class of people responsible for the problems in the country are from the elites, government institutions were also destroyed by them.   

"They decide upon the Government direction and are also Government contractors.

Al-Mustapha words remain consistent with the problem in Nigeria that elites stands against them.

Recall, someone had addressed the fact that 1999 Constitution was amended in a haste but right down it's done haphazardly

Al-Mustapha said, " to have an acceptable constitution in Nigeria was to draft out a plan of action that will carry everyone along."

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