Court ruling in Washington, Abidemi Rufai bail over a $350,000 employment scam

Senior Special Assistant to Governor Dapo Abiodun, Abidemi Rufai was laid off due to his arrest in Washington, United States over an alleged crime of $350,000 employment scam.

Rufai's lawyers had tried to secure a bail for his release which was denied by a federal judge. She had ruled on Friday that Rufai was to stay in jail till his trial which was against the former rule stated on May 21, that he could be released on a surety bond of $300,000.

Furthermore, the U.S district judge, Benjamin Settle who had been in support of the ruling to release Rufai reversed his statement.

This was due to the fact that, Rufai posed a risk of non-appearance on his trial day which was followed with his transfer from New York cell to Washington for his trial slated for August 31st. This was according to the female judge ruling.

One of Rufai's Lawyer, Lance Hester told Rufai the court could reconsidered their ruling if there was a change in circumstances.

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