Donald Trump's company undergoes criminal probes from state and district Attorney's office


Former U.S President, Donald Trump family business was alleged by the Manhattan District Office to be involved in criminal fraud. They had pressed forward and told the lawyers representing Trump's company that they will investigate and press charges.

Several reports forwarded stated there's likely a possibility that by next week the district attorney, Cyprus Vance would reveal to the world with evidences of his charges against Trump's organization and his finance officer, Allen Weisselberg. In correspondance to the reports Ron Fischetti, a lawyer in Trump's company told NBC news, "it's looks like they are going to come down with charges against the company but the corporate office will plead not guilty and will take immediate motion to dimiss the case against the corporation."

For the meantime, both the district office lawyer and lawyers from Trump's organization gave no comment.

Vance's charges against Trump's business dealings were, tax, insurance fraud and falsification of business records.

In time like this, meetings are often arranged in any white collar criminal probes which was what happened on Thursday. Lawyers from Trump's company met with the district office lawyer for negotiation to stop every investigations and drop down any alleged charges.

Moreover, if development were to be made in the course of Vance's Investigation, Trump's finance officer, Allen Weisselberg might be in the middle and left with no choice but to testify against Donald Trump.

Court filings and records, revealed Weisselberg had received benefits and bonus worth hundred of thousands in dollars from Trump's organization that were likely to be used implicate him, if they failed to provide an updated account on tax returns.

Combined with all the recent charges, Donald Trump have been banned from Twitter and suspended for over two years on Facebook which limits his chances in entering into politics again.

Another New York state's Attorney General, Letitia James has also opened up a criminal probe in regards to Trump's company.

Her Investigation rallied around whether Trump's company increased the value of their properties to obtain huge loans and lowered their values to obtained tax breaks.

The entire Investigation began from when Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen paid off two women that claimed Trump had a sexual encounter with them. Trump had denied their claims.

Similarities was also found to exist between Vance and James Investigations in regards to their focus on Seven springs, 212 acre (86 hectare) estate outside Manhattan.

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