Edo state Modular Refinery, set to commence it's operations


Edo state Refinery and Petrochemical Company limited

 in partnership with the state government are constructing a refinery, the Edo Modular Refinery, which was stated to be at its final completion.

Managing Director in charge of the refinery, Mr Tim Tian reports that the refinery is ready to start up its operations as ascertained by the Department of Petroleum Resources. The refinery was constructed at a speedy rate despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The work had begun three years ago when the Memorandum of Understanding was signed with China.

They are only awaiting the finalization of the crude oil sale contract, they were expected to receive a specific kind of crude oil from Escravos line for the production of products to commence.

According to reports, the entire procedure should have been concluded before August, whereby products can then be received from the refinery.

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