Father reports his biological daughters missing to the police at Redeemed Divisional Headquarters

Oluwaseyi Agoro had reported to the police at Redeemed Camp Divisional Headquarters that he had returned from his trip on Tuesday, his two biological daughters Semilore (4-year-old) and Deborah (2-year-old) were nowhere to be found and the mother wouldn't speak up about their whereabouts.

The mother of the missing children was identified as Blessings Ebuneku Agoro, aged 35, was called in for questioning by Abimbola Oyeyemi, the State Police Relations Officer.

According to the interrogation reports, Ebuneku was alleged to have sold her daughters for 300,000 without her husband's knowledge.

After the report had been delivered the DPO of Redeemed Camp Divisional Headquarters had ordered for the culprit to be locked, who was already detained in the camp's code of conduct department.

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