Google deletes Adamu Garba's Crowwe app to replace Twitter ban, from playstore


Following the suspension of Twitter's operations by the Federal Government, Adamu Garba's app Crowwe was added to Google in replacement of Twitter ban in Nigeria.

If we recollect, it should be noted that Adamu Garba had told the Federal Government to put an end to Twitter's operations due to fact that President Muhammadu Buhari tweet was deleted. It was due to his  prompting that the Federal Government eventually suspended Twitter's operations.

Instantly Crowwe app joined Google playstore. Adamu Garba had tweeted in response, "Goodbye to Twitter in Nigeria and welcome to Crowwe app. Join us in @Crowweapp." 

However, Nigerians reacted negatively and commented horrible reviews that weren't in support of the app.

A complaint had also been made that Crowwe policies was plagiarised word for word from another app, Spotify.

Furthermore, Google deleted Crowwe app from their playstore. According to Google, "any app found to have violated their policies will be deleted. The published version won't be accepted unless the app would be updated and their policies fixed."

Under this condition, they requested the app shouldn't be re-published.

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