Governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom vows to take action against herdsmen


Unjustified attacks in Benue state by herdsmen brought about the reaction from Governor Samuel Ortom who declared actions will be taken against them.

On Saturday, a media conference was held in the state government house. The Governor disclosed during the conference that his administration would ensure the people are protected. Strategic planning to take actions against the herdsmen has commenced.

Ortom further stated, the anti-grazing law would not be removed but enforced with aggression. Considering the recent attacks, it shouldn't be a surprise, his administration had chosen to strengthen the  law against open grazing.

Ortom revealed, "few weeks ago Benue Stakeholders had gathered together with an order to enforce the Community Volunteer Guards Law enacted in 2020."

Presently, in Benue state, the government have commenced the process of recruitment. Responsible adults below 50 years were to be recruited. This action was implemented to strengthen the works of the military, and assist security Agencies in defending communities.

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