House of Representatives attends to a pending bill


House of Representatives in Nigeria had eventually gotten around to give their approval regarding the enactment of bill that permits every states in Nigeria to have their own security outfits to support the police force.

The bill was looked upon as one that would have a great effect in the security system if passed. The 1999 consitution would be amended in the section 197, 214 in regards to the bill being passed.

In a debate led by Oberuakpee Afe from Delta state who had also sponsored the bill, said; "If the policy was amended in the constitution giving, it a well-defined meaning would put an end to the arising multiplication of vigilante groups and the confusion that arises in states due to the formation of new security groups here and there. It's on the this note, I proposed the bill to be amended in the constitution and enacted quickly due to the effects would have in Nigerian states."

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