House of Senate reacts to the flooding of National Assembly Complex


National Assembly complex was earlier stated few days ago to be filled with water in the Chambers due to the heavy rain that fell and poured into the complex through a damaged roof.

 Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, Deputy Chief of the Senate claimed the reports from various media channels concerning the cause of the incident wasn't accurately reported.

According to him, "Senators had arrived in the Chambers at about 11am due to the water that flooded the complex after a heavy rainfall wondering where the water had leaked from.

"The complex was heavily flooded that the cleaners battled with how to prevent the water from returning into the chambers."

Following the reaction of Abdullahi, the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan stated on Wednesday that the National Assembly Complex has been long due for a rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation of the National Assembly Complex stands as a national duty of the FCT.

However, in 2020, N37 billion had been budgeted for the maintenance of the National Assembly complex which brought about diverse negative reactions from the public.

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