Illbliss celebrates his first daughter's birthday


Rapper Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiifor popularly known as Illbliss celebrated his second daughter one year birthday, KachimSideh. He stated, "I am indeed joyful to celebrate my daughter's birthday considering the circumstances of how she was born and the negative reports doctors had given him". Illbliss posted on Instagrams photos of him and his daughter on her first year birthday.

Illbliss made known on Instagram that his daughter was born prematurely as her Mother's water broke on May 29, 2020 just after six months of pregnancy.

The doctors had advised him earlier on to terminate the baby but himself and his wife had refused earlier on. Against all the doctors negative reports, his daughter came into the world on June 18, 2020. However, she had to spend several months in the ICU fighting for her life and by the special Grace of God she was brought home hail and hearty.

Part of his post on Instagram reads, "The joy you bring to our lives is indescribable, your birth was special and you are a special child. The almighty God continue to protect and preserve you. You will grow in greatness even as we raise you in God's image. Happy Birthday my child".

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