Instagram deletes Adamu Garba's IG account


Few days ago, Adamu Garba's Crowwe app was deleted from Google, this time around Adamu Garba's IG account has been deleted from Instagram.

Recall, at the time Crowwe app appeared on Google play store, Nigerians didn't support the app, as all their reviews were bad. It had been reported that Crowwe app was a duplicate copy of Twitter and their policies were plagiarized from Spotify.

According to Google, "any app found to have violated their policies will be deleted until the app has been updated in compliance with their policy would the app be allowed to be re-published on Google playstore."

Instagram had not stated any valid reasons for deleting Adamu Garba's Instagram account, for the meantime his user page shows not found.

However, it's a known fact that Instagram would only delete account in cases of fraud, fake account or violation of policies.

In response to the actions taken by Instagram, Adamu Garba said, "he was reported by some users that's why his IG account was standstill."

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