Iran's new president supports the promotion of a nuclear program


Ebrahim Raisi, newly elected president in Iran has been disclosed as a strong advocate for nuclear weapons. Raisi was just recently elected into administration seat of power and his first of action was to promote Tehran's nuclear programme.

Several administrative representatives in other countries globally reacted towards his recent decision.

Furthermore, several reports of diverse reactions from people were forwarded, the statements are written below;

"Raisi would be the death of thousands Iranians, if not all of us, ever since his commitment had been diverted to support the regime's nuclear ambitions and campaign of global terror," Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said on Twitter.

Israel's newly elected governor had said, "Iran country won't have their country support in carrying out their destructive plans."

Former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu had also said, "It's a matter of now, not then or later to ensure Iran's nuclear program be put to an end.

"Iran's missile program should be repelled against and  destroyed by international community federation.

The newly elected president in Iran, Raisi was a hardline judge who has been sanctioned by the U.S for human rights abuses, won Iran's presidential election on Saturday.

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