Israel Adesanya defeats Martin Vettori in a wrestling match


Wrestling match held on Saturday, June 12, 2021, between Nigerian wrestler, Israel Adesanya and Italian fighter, Martin Vettori was a massive touchdown.

The wrestling match was held at UFC 263, at the Gila River Arena. Audiences and even the judges around could clearly see for themselves the winner, Israel Adesanya.

It seems like Adesanya was underestimated when they had placed him as an opponent against, Vettori.

During the entire fight, Vettori had only managed to offer takedown, the first time had hit Adesanya but he successfully dodged the rest.

In the end, Israel Adesanya had won the match unanimously which makes it the third time he has defended the Middleweight belt ever since he received the title in April, 2019.

As it is, opposition's to fight with against the Middleweight champion has decreased drastically. This led to Israel Adesanya demanding a rematch with Robert Whittaker, a former opponent whom he had defeated twice to remain as Middleweight champion since October, 2019.

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