June 12, Democracy Day


Democracy day was shifted from May 29th to June 12 which was enacted as a National holiday under President Muhammudu Buhari's administration in the year 2018 on June 6th.

Far back in the 90's precisely 1963, June 12th mark the day Nigeria had it's first free and fair election, Moshood Abiola had won the election but Ibrahim Babangida had cancelled the election stating there irregularities.

Buhari had stated June 12th represents the true meaning of Democracy for Nigerians. 

In honour of today's holiday, former Governor of Lagos State and National Leader of All Progressive Congress, Bola Tinubu sent a congratulatory message on Friday, June 11th to the nation addressing Nigerrians to embrace and stand up for Democracy.

He stated that Democracy remains one of the available solution for Nigerians to embrace in the midst of the challenges confronting the nation.

"We celebrate democracy not only because we have come far but to be reminded to move farther in greater exploits as one nation and one people, "Tinubu said.

He urges Nigerians not to forget MKO Abiola, who had won the election on June 12, 1963 but was denied the Presidential seat.

He said we honour them not by reciting their names but by emulating Democracy in our deeds and words.

In conclusion, Tinubu wished us a Happy Democracy Day.

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