Kaduna state university takes precautionary measures against any form of misconduct from the students


Kaduna state University have been apprehensive ever since students last protest due to excessive increase of school fees. The school management had no choice at that point of time but to ask every student to vacate from their hostels and the university premises.

Hence, the next academy session i.e 2020/2021 set of students were subjected to several precautionary measures set by the school management.

University registrar, Mr Samuel Manshop was placed in charge of the entire process. In line with the statement issued on Friday, it would be compulsory for Parents of returning and fresh students to sign an undertaking to ensure that no students will engage in any form of protest.

Parents were asked to sign an undertaking that their children will be of a good conduct and pledge that any students caught displaying any form of protest or involved in any contrary actions against the school rules and regulations would be faced with instant explusion.

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