"Let's fix Nigeria" - Yahaya Bello


Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello emphasized Nigeria has been practicing rotational Presidency since 1999, what Nigeria really needs is a patriotic leader chosen based on competence to resolve the challenges affecting the country.

Governor gave his comments after he met with President Buhari behind closed doors in the Presidential villa, Abuja on Thursday

Bello told the newsmen, after meeting with Buhari, "the method of zoning to elect a President wasn't the key factor but a President should be determined by competence and sincerity.

"Going Forward, let's fix Nigeria and the first step is to evaluate our successes and achievements from the rotational Presidency practised since 1999.

"Let's choose to go for the best, after all we copy this democracy from America and some developed countries in the world but how many are practicing rotational Presidency. Although we aren't where we are today because we are practicing rotational Presidency.

"If it's decided upon to  go by rotational Presidency then do a perfect zoning. Go for a perfect rotation and if you go by that rotation I don't think you will exclude where I come from. This is first step.

"Secondly, let's appoint a sincere patriotic Nigerian to implement it."

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