Mamman Amadu: Laws are to be establish to regulate the birth of children


National Assembly demanded to enact new laws to control the rate of population growth in Nigeria.

Director General of Bureau Public Procurement, Mamman Amadu stated population growth in Nigeria has exploded into massive rate. At the time of election, the population was rounded up to 59 million but it is has grown into a massive growth of 200 million.

Amadu advised laws concerning the number of children to be born should established in a bid to check population explosion. He said this while appearing before Committee on Finance on Tuesday.

Amadu further stated, "Nigeria as a whole, is only 60 years and everything must be done to build, promote and develop the country to meet up with other outstanding countries. It should be noted that at time of Independence we were only 59 million at the time of election and now we are over 200 million.

"The legislative systems should established laws to regulate the number of children that are delivered day in, day out. This is to be done to enable us cater for the people we produce."

Lamino Sanusi, former disposed Emir of Kano had mentioned before on the need to regulate the number of children a couple have, particularly in the North.

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