Professor of Mathematics in UniIllorin, Raphael Adeniyi is missing


Professor of Mathematics, Raphael Babatunde Adeniyi, in University of Illorin was declared missing by his family on Wednesday.

The family of the professor appealed to anybody who might have any details concerning his whereabouts or location should report to the nearest police station or contact, 08065250697.

However, the only essential detail they had gathered was where he was last seen. It was stated that Adeniyi had left his Tanke home in Illorin on Wednesday to withdraw cash which was before noon time. From that moment till now, no one has seen or reported anything concerning him.

Before Adeniyi disappearance, it was well known in the University of Illorin that Adeniyi had deep insights in using Cheyshev Polynomial, a mathematics formula used to analyze, detect errors and solve any questions given polynomials.

Recently, Adeniyi had spoken during UniIllorin 162nd inaugural lecture and the theme was, "Minimisation of errors". He illuminated the dark areas not known in regards to the cost of errors in various sectors in the nation and the effects it would have if minimised.

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