Resident Doctors in UCH calls off indefinite strike


Earlier in the month of May, University College Hospital resident doctors in Ibadan had embarked on an indefinite strike due to the refusal of the Government to pay the salaries of workers for over four month beginning from January to April. They had told the Government unless their demands were met the strike would be continued. The strike had begun from the 1st of May.

However, on Monday, June 21, the President of the association in UCH, Dr Temitope Hussein had told the news agency that the strike was called off, the government has paid the members salaries of over four months.

Although, all their demands have not been met but the present actions of the government showed there was more to come.

President speaking had said, "they would no longer remain silent but ensure the Government hear from them at every point in time subsequent salaries might be delayed.

"Another observation to be embarked on was to ensure members yet to be enrolled in the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information system be captured."

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