Rochas Okorocha cautions Nigeria against discrimination of Igbos


Former Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha cautioned  citizens of Nigeria not to frame Igbo people as killers.

Okorocha made this remark on Thursday during the cenetary celebration in honour of former premiere of Eastern Nigeria, Late Michael Okpara, in Abuja.

"I admonished all Nigerians to stop the discrimination against the Igbos.

They are not murderers, if not they won't be toiling in Lagos or Kano.

This present phase in the country is one of the most down grading record that will go down in history", he said.

The News comments made by Okorocha came a week after the death of Ahmed Gulak, All Progressives Congress Chieftain. 

It was noted that Gulak who conducted the APC primary election in Imo state prior to the general election 2019, had accused Okorocha for taking him hostage to announce the results in his favour.

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