Scotland grants Giogi Kakava temporary permit after the death of his mum


In Scotland, a 13 year old Giogi Kakava recently became an orphan, he was moved by his mother to Scotland at age 3 when his father was killed.

Katava, after his mother had passed on, had to lived with his grandmother for the time being and he was in his second year in Springburn Academy.

He has been faced ever since the death of his mother with the option of being deported back to Glasgow by the Scotland Government.

However, he was granted a temporary residence permit in the country but his grandmother was to be deported back to Glasgow.

According to Giogi, he was gladdened that he was granted permit to stay in Scotland, Scotland would always be his place of home. Though he was depressed that his grandmother wasn't allowed to stay back.

Irrespective of the separation between them, Goigi's grandmother said she was happy he was allowed to stay in the country, that all she cared about was Goigi's happiness.

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