Senate Panel in US sets to vote in a new ATF leader


United State President, Joe Biden informed the Senate house of his decision to appoint his own nominees as leaders in the Justice Department of Bureau and Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

Although, the decision doesn't entirely rest in his hands as an advocate for gun control David Chipman also desires the same position.

The U.S Senate panel are separated into two forms, the Democrats and Republican and members of the panel are equally divided between them.

There's a great barrier that would stand in the nomination of David Chipman, the Republican are against Chipman views and polices in regards to gun control.

Likewise, Biden's nominees, Associate Attorney General, Vanita Gupta and Assistant Attorney General for Civil rights, Kristen Clarke are also at a standstill between the Republicans and Democrats. There's a likely possibility to overturn the win in one's favour if there exist a tie in the Senate panel, though it would be difficult but can be overcomed. The Senate panel were expected to have commenced voting on Thursday.

As it stands, there can only be one ATF leader while other members serve under his/her leadership in their various capacity.

In every new administration, policies are always altered, hence no policy have remained permanent. However, the administration are in unison to regulate self-possessed guns and revoke licenses of any gun dealer that refused to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in background check and to ensure guns used in crimes aren't associated with them.

 The law also applied to anyone that falsify any records of gun purchase or any sale made to prohibited persons who aren't supposed to have guns in their possessions.

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