Stop paying money to bandits for random - Haija Asia El-Rufai


In a workshop session organized by Equal Access International, Haija Asia El-Rufai wife of Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai claimed to bring an end to banditry and kidnappings in Nigeria, no ransom must be paid. The ransom paid signifies funding of arms in their domain.

The workshop  organized for Kaduna women had been picked from Chikun, Kajuru and Jema's LGA of the state. In a class session, El-Rufai wife addressed them to cast away any divisive narratives but work together to promote peace and unity.

The women squabble between themselves regarding the payment of ransom to bandits. El-Rufai wife contributed that she would prefer to die rather than allow ransom to be paid to abductors for her freedom.

She said, "For as long as you continue to pay ransom, it is like you are adding kerosene to fire. You are giving bandits, kidnappers money for ammunitions to continue to haunt you. You should not pay ransom. This is my personal opinion."

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