The menace in Nigeria should be tackled following a traditional approach-Gani Adams


Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams stated the leadership of Nigeria should work towards fighting against insecurity using the traditional approach.

Adams, declared his support towards Southern Governors for their ban on open grazing. Adams stated, he is grieved due to the high rate of insecurity in the Southwest region.

He expressed his loathe over the way the Government seems to have embraced open-grazing. Open Grazing is old and not in line with 21st century.

According to him, over the last few months, Nigeria has always appeared on news for all negative reasons such as killings, banditry and kidnappings. The Government has failed to unravel the cause of insecurity and urged the government to tackle the menance in the country following a traditional approach. 

He further stated, authorities have become a backbone in creating instability among the ethics group. 

"Things have gone wrong and it is beyond man's imagination", he said angrily.

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