Transparency and Accountability is the way to change in a federation - Amina Mohammed


Amina Mohammed, United Nation's Deputy Secretary General on Wednesday stated due to inadequate oversight, COVID-19 funds were diverted in some countries.

In UN headquarters, New York, there was a briefing on UN-General Assembly Special Session on Corruption, UNGASS. The theme is titled, "Challenges and Measures to Prevent and Combat Corruption and Strengthen International Cooperation".

 It was in the gathering that Aminu made the remark on the diversion of Covid-19 funds. UN system was noted by an official, as a body that supports it's member's states and set out measures for the integration of anti-corruption processes globally.

The world body admonished all countries to establish public trust and take concrete actions to eliminate Corruption. 

Aminu Mohammed stated the public now has zero tolerance for cynical and corrupt practices. The public desires a federation that is accountable and transparent in legal, social, economic and political structures.

She added that corruption shifts away the women and limit their access to public resources, information and decision making.

The Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Abdulrasheed Bawa stands as representative of Nigeria in the special session.

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