Twitter and Nigeria dialogues regarding the suspension of its operations

Twitter and Nigeria, recently dialogued regarding the suspension of its operations in Nigeria, this was confirmed by the Ambassador of United States of America to Nigeria.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geofrey Onyeama, ambassadors and representatives of United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and EU held a meeting in Nigeria.

In the course of the discussion, Onyeama had said federal Government in Nigeria had suspended twitter operations to maintain peace and security in the country. The main aim was to advocate for responsible use of social platform without destabilizing the peace and unity in the country.

Mary Leonard expressed gratitude towards the Minister for inviting them to the meeting and was pleased over the outcome of the meeting.

Representatives in the meeting had always been a great support and pillar in matters pertaining security, they recognize how daunting the task could be in confronting issues of security.

However, NAN in quoting Mary said, "we know there are issues regarding irresponsible use of social media but we remain adamant on our stand that the right to freely express ourselves is essential especially in turbulent times."

Mary stated every issue Onyeama raised concerning incitements and violence were crimes Nigerian Government had rights to prosecute. 

She advised that Nigerian Government should execute judgment within the scope of human rights to penalize any law breakers.

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