U.N rights Chief advocates for equality and termination of racism


United Nations rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet charged the states to disintegrate racism among citizens of African descent. Unlawful killings by police officer should be properly investigated and ensure justice is served.

Bachelet stated in a global reports making reference to the case of George Floyd killed by a police officer in May, 2020 as a case amongst many. Racism is more profound in North America, Latin America, Europe. Racism hinders, or in some cases halt completely the people access to healthcare, education, justice, jobs, housing etc.

According to the global report written to the human rights council, "I am calling on all states to stop denying and start dismantling racism, to end impunity and build trust to listen to the voice of many citizens of African descent and to confront past legacies and deliver redress".

U.S president, Joe Biden executive order in January to end racism inequity in United States gained admiration as Bachelet welcomed such redress towards racism.

Bachellet further narrated that looking into the death of citizens of African descent, 190 cases of death recorded was observed to be discriminating death in the hands of police officials especially in the United States.

Mona Rishmawi unveiled seven of such cases including that of George Floyd, in which the killer, Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 1/2 years imprisonment.

Other victims not stated was killed by police officers and justice wasn't served. Every body made mention of George Floyd but forget that there has always been a George Floyd death everyday which went unnoticed.

This was disclosed  from a Brazilian woman who remains anonymous, as stated by Rishmawi.

The entirety of the cases are more populated in countries that enslaved the blacks back in the days that brought about the large population of African descent.

"Systemic racism needs a systemic response", Bachelet said. We are in the era whereby equality can be achieved thereby terminating racism .

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