Usifo Ataga family reveals further findings in regards to his death


Late Michael Usifo Ataga death was called for further investigation. The family of Usifo claimed the death of Usifo still held a mystery not yet solved as his death involved more than one person. 

They unveiled further findings that led to their statements, i.e Usifo corpse showed he was stabbed multiple times and his hand were bound tightly and the marks were all over his wrists.

Further narrating, no one heard him screaming which showed he was gagged. 

The elder brother of Usifo, Dr Isi Ataga issued a statement titled, "Who shall speak for Usifo Ataga", the statement reads;

"Usifo died a horrific death. He wasn't stabbed two or even five times, but multiple times. His hands were bound tightly and the marks were still all over his wrists accompained by evidence of torture and assault even as his corpse lay in the morgue.

"And no one in the entire building heard his screams because he was gagged. Let that sink in, he was bound, gagged and tortured.

"The now-viral video of the room with the deceased lying on the floor showed a room with blood stained walls and floor, with evidence of a ferocious struggle. One person could never have carried these out."

Although, reports from last week showed that, Chidinma Ojukwu was arrested by the police in Lagos state which disclosed Chidinma confessed to the crime as the one who killed Usifo.

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