Woman kills her husband and fried his pen*s in Brazil


In Brazil, a case was reported to the authorities concerning a woman who killed her husband in self defense and cut off his penis and fried in a frying pan. The woman was identified as Dayane Cristina Rodrigues Machado, aged 33. 

She was arrested in Brazil city of San Goncalo on June 7th. The police got to be aware of what had happened because they were called by residents within to go to the couple's house in Santa Catarina. On arrival the police found her husband dead, naked and mutilated.

In the course of the interrogation, the police discovered the wife had cut off his penis and fried in a frying pan. The incident was said to have occurred around 4am when the couple had an argument, though a kitchen knife was found in the house which was assumed she had used to kill her husband in self defense.

In line with the reports from Brazil, the couple were said to have been married for 10 years although they were separated for about two years but they were still communicating. Adriano Santos, sister-in-law to Machado stated she had killed her brother as a revenge because her husband cheated on her.

Machado was stated to be charged with murder and corpse desecration.

Source: Newsflash

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