World Swimming Federation President, Husain Al Musallam extends an invitation of partnership to International Swimming League ISL


Swimming sport stands as a great sport and it's recognized globally but yet to be fully accepted. The World Swimming Federation FINA are working hard to promote the sport under the leadership of the newly elected FINA president, Husain Al Musallam.

International Swimming League ISL which was formed in 2017 didn't receive any support from FINA, the FINA's former President, Julia Maglione was against the formation of ISL. 

Due to the opposition from both bodies, FINA had prohibited any of it swimmers to participate in any event organized outside the federation or face dire consequences.

In subsequent times, FINA's policy was restructured which allowed swimmers the liberty to engage in any competition of their choice including the seasonal event in ISL, 2019 as a first step.

Under Musallam administration, FINA extended an invitation of Partnership to ISL. Musallam had said, "we will work with ISL, if ISL will like to work work with FINA. If any entity desire to play any positive role in the movement, I will be the first person to shake and congratulate them."

Due to the fall of economy finances, FINA's revenues took a u-turn and the past seasonal event competition was organized behind closed doors in Budapest last year November.

The next season was reportedly stated to be held in Italian city of Naples in August. Despite the lack of recognition of swimming as an olympic sport, swimming sport will have the most medal events in Tokyo Olympics.

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