Yiaga Africa stands against the suspension of twitter operations


Yiaga Africa, showed disapproval on Saturday regarding the suspension of twitter operations and that all "Over The Top" OTT, services must be licensed by National Broadcasting Commission before they can operate in Nigeria.

The Organization addressed the Federal Government to reconsider their decision because it stands as a great threat to the freedom of speech and expression.

They said in a statement issued by its Director of programmes, Cynthia Mbamalu that Nigeria should walk in the footprints of countries making good use of social media and giving it space to handle it's operations rather than impose a ban on a platform where citizens engage in public conversation and civic engagement.

In accordance to what the microblogging platform stated the suspension of Twitter is unethical to Democracy principles.

They also stated twitter as a platform that gave citizens the needed space to express their views and opinions and demand accountability from their leaders.

The organization added that Democracy cannot thrive in an era, where the Government suppress its citizens and shut down accessible channels of communications at will.

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