300,000 acres of land set ablaze by fire in Oregon, United States


Climate change which influences the risk of fuel wildfire has brought about a huge disaster in Oregon. Wildfire blazed over 300,000 acres of land in Oregon, United States.

The fire incident had started from July 6th beginning with large acres of lands that were scorched. The wildfire in Oregon left over 2000 residents in the state with no choice but to evacuate their homes, not less than 160  houses was set ablaze by fire.

From a statement issued on Monday, a firefighter, Joe Hessel said, "We are running firefighting operations through the day and all through the night.

"This fire is a real challenge, and we are looking at a sustained battle for the foreseeable future."

Aside from Oregon, other states in U.S.A are experiencing the same challenge, the most affected is California, whereby fire incident has occurred over five times this year.

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