Akwa-Ibom state Government orders hotels, entertainment centres connected to cultism to be shut down


Incoming reports stated that hotels and entertainment centres in Akwa-Ibom state associated with cultism and other related criminal activities to be shut down.

Hence, in probing the case Akwa-Ibom state government have announced every hotels/entertainment center that are connected to any form of criminal activities to be shut down.

The announcement was disclosed in a statement released, part of the statement is written below; "The State Government will shut down hotels and other entertainment centres linked with cult and criminal activities.

“This decision is informed by credible intelligence that hotel owners and proprietors of entertainment centres have given their premises to cult groups and other criminal gangs to use as their base.

“The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and security agencies have set up a monitoring team to enforce this order.

“The public, especially proprietors of hotels and places of entertainment should take note and act accordingly."

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