Australian citizens backlash their Government due to Covid-19 Advertisement


Covid-19 cases has rapidly increased in Australia, in curtailing the spread of coronavirus, citizens are advised to stay at home, get tested and order for Covid-19 vaccination.

Furthermore, the Australian Government decided to put up adverstiment featuring a Covid-19 patient, a woman lying down on a hospital bed hooked on to a ventilatior, which brought about criticism from the citizens against such an advert.

The advert was launched on Sunday and is currently placed only in Syndey. The advert was made to support the campaign, "Arm Yourself" vaccination.

The citizens are at loggerheads with the Government for their actions, hence, the rise in backlash among the citizens.

Though, the Australian government in defending their actions spoke through the Australia's Chief Health Officer, Paul Kelly, "it was "meant to be graphic" to "push the message home" about the need to stay home, get tested and book for vaccines.

Presently, only 10% of the Australian population have been vaccinated.

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