Bear attack a cyclist in US


A Bear killed a cyclist on the mountain in Montana, United States. Reports given revealed the cyclist was a 65 year old nurse, Leah Davis Lokan.

Lokan had gone camping on the mountain with two of her friends, where the report of a bear sighted on the mountain during the early hours of Tuesday morning was stated. The beer was speculated to weigh about 400lb (181kg).

Lokan was attacked by the bear around 4am, the bear had ambushed her with her friends, 2 miles  from Oviado, the town where the bear attacked, though the bear first appearance was around 3:00 local time (9:00 GMT) rather than attack, the bear fled.

The unfortunate incident resulted in the death of Lokan. Wild life officials in confirmating the incident disclosed evidentially due to the marks on Lokan's body were assured the mark fingerprints was that of a bear.

However, to avoid any assumptions, DNA will be carried out comparing the bear DNA's to the ones found at the scene of the incident.

There are stated conditions whereby a bear wouldn't be killed if attacked, if it's was a surprise encounter or the bear was protecting the kids in its territory.

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