Cost of goods & foodstuffs increasing on a daily basis in Nigeria market


Traders and buyers complained bitterly about the daily increase in the prices of foodstuffs and related items to be used during the Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

Evaluating the market price, News Agency of Nigeria conducted a survey, from the statistics drawn, the price of goods between last year and now is relatively cheaper. For instance, the price of Ram, this year; small ram cost 80,000 while the big one cost N150,000. Last year; small ram cost N45,000 while big ones cost from N80,000 to N150,000. What about the cost of a bag of rice, gallons of oil, tubers of yam, bunch of plantain, beans, beef, garri etc.

Considering the price range, the percentage increase is relatively high. Buyers complained the cost of foodstuffs is high while sellers responded, that is how we brought it, things are now extremely expensive.

Reports from NAN survey, first reaction from a Civil servant, Ahmed Umaru said, "I will not be able to kill ram this year because the price is very high and I have other bills to pay. I will buy cow meat this period."

Second reaction from a trader Malam Ibrahim Tanko cited the high price of items in the markets could be attributed to certain factors such as insecurity and high cost of transport fare. 

Finally, a buyer Mrs Kila Ibe said, "I will buy what I will use for some days and return back for the festive season.

"We are appealing to the government to look into this matter, daily increase in the prices of food stuffs, insecurity on the farms, transportation, fuel price and good roads amongst others to make it easy for buyers and sellers."

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