Federal Government hearing in ECOWAS court has been set base on Twitter ban in Nigeria


The Federal Government has been dragged to court based on the suspension of twitter operations in Nigeria. The complaint was laid from several groups on the same issue, Registered Trustee of Socio-economic rights and Accountability projects marked as, ECW/CCI/APP/23/22, Media Rights Agenda marked as ECW/CCI/APP/29/21 amongst several others.

The Economic Community for West African States, ECOWAS court will be handling the alleged case against the Federal Government. The appointment date for presiding over the cases will be on, July 9th, the alleged complaints will be unified as one which was disclosed on Tuesday during a virtual sitting via Zoom.

The alleged complaints on twitter's ban in Nigeria which was merge as one, was as a result of the appeal from the Federal Government Lawyer handling their case, Abdullahi Abubakar.

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